In the pre-Christmas period, with the multiplexes full of kids movies, it is refreshing to encounter a film for grown ups full of quiet pleasures. The star, Robert Redford, has announced that this will be his last acting role and it is a pleasing way for him to bow out.

He plays Forrest Tucker, an aging bankrobber and serial escapee from prison. Whilst cop John Hunt (Casey Affleck) tries to catch him in the midst of a prolific crime spree, he meets and starts a tentative relationship with Jewel (Sissy Spacek).

This is thoroughly amiable stuff, with its veteran leads sparkling their way through the proceedings. They are matched by the terrific Affleck who’s world weariness is briefly lifted by the pursuit of Forrest. I also loved the nods to some of Redford’s earlier films, starting with the credit sequences homage to Butch Cassidy to the clip from The Chase and especially the sly reference to The Sting. Director David Lowery showed with last year’s overrated Ghost Story, he is not frightened of making slow moving films. Whilst this doesn’t have anything like the pie eating sequence that his previous movie featured, this does move at a leisurely pace.

Also, the dialogue is quite low in the mix, compared to Daniel Hart’s more prominent and lush score, so some viewers may feel a little frustrated. However, I was completely engaged with the characters, and enjoyed all the performances down to the fairly minor parts, such as by Tom Waits and Redford’s gang member.

Rating: 8 out of 10