For the 4th time director Peter Berg has teamed up with Mark Wahlberg for this political thriller. Wahlberg is James Silva, an American intelligence officer running a covert team in South Asia. He is tasked with transporting a local man to a waiting plane 22 miles away that will take him to America in return for divulging the whereabouts of stolen sezium. The local law enforcement are determined to stop them doing that and don’t care who gets killed in the process.

It is easy to pick holes in this movie. The right of the United States to run these type of operations on foreign shores is not examined, most of the characters are pretty poorly defined and the identikit bad guys are basically anyone with a foreign accent… Despite all of that, the film does work pretty well.

Berg’s kinetic direction keeps things moving at a breakneck pace with one fight or shoot out quickly following another. Silva may be pretty annoying but it is a perfect part for Wahlberg and Lauren Cohan also impresses as a member of his team.

Not of the standard of the last two Berg-Wahlberg collaborations – Patriots Day and Deepwater Horizon – but anyone looking for an action packed brainless movie shouldn’t be disappointed.

Rating: 7.5 out of 10