In Hunter Killer, Gerard Butler, who seems to now be the go-to-guy for mid range action movies, stars as Joe Glass, a submarine captain who has to try to rescue the Russian president when he is kidnapped by a rogue general as part of a coup attempt.

Just that brief synopsis tells you that this is a hugely improbable story to be taken with a large pinch of salt. For the most part, the scenes on the submarine work pretty well, with a sequence of them navigating through Russian waters being genuinely tense. A group of Navy Seals are parachuted-in to grab the president and deliver him to the sub. Unfortunately, that part of the story is very poorly realised. All of them are bland clich├ęs and their rescue is ludicrously easy bearing in mind how they are outnumbered.

There is also some laboured business about a coin that Glass carries and a very shaky grasp on British geography…

A mixed bag with just enough to it to make it worth a look on the big screen.

Rating: 5.5 out of 10