So we got sent this from Reigate Hattie Hobbit and Friends – what a great idea for the kids! Our site’s focus will be on children, parenting, and how to keep them entertained until the end of the summer. Reigate is a treasure trove for the kiddies. Today I pretty much took the day off, the joys of working for yourself 😉 However the real beauty of this job is getting to know the area and having just moved to Reigate this makes it very handy.
So we spent most of the day in the wooded bit of The Priory Park and the skate park. How lucky to have these things right on the doorstep! Ok so I’m going to confess that the skate park has me slightly jumpy and a lot of hiding behind my hands but my son is fearless and my Goddaughter was happy to join in. I think we will be investing in some knee pads perhaps I see this as a concession to my son who is unhappy with my suggestion of full body armour 😉

Reigate sunset

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